Not on the guest list?


You tell me…

This blog is for the rest of us mere punters who aren’t in media or the arts, who don’t have a “mate who’s djing tonight”, who preposterously want to be satisfied when we eat out, laugh at comedy, dance when the band plays, stay awake at the theatre and get drunk at bars!

Am I the only one who thinks its getting slightly out of hand when we buy overpriced tickets to events in ‘secret locations’ only to queue in the cold to get in and queue for the compulsory coat check, then queue for the bar to pay £4 for a can of red stripe?!?

Yet I wouldn’t change a thing…

In some ways it separates the men from the boys.

…so grow a pair: jump the queues, blag the guest list, give your coat to the hot girl/guy at the front in exchange for your number, hand over £20 at the bar and get a round in!

Break a rule or two… Get RoWdy!


One thought on “Not on the guest list?

  1. Definitely sick of hashtag media slash arty slash “I’m an MTA turned DJ turned journo turned crack addict” bar stewards having privileged access. I would like to get rowdy with you!

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