YPlan app Review: Sofar soo good!

Omg... I just got it.

Omg… I just got it.

Two hands in the air if you love London! Hands on your head if you happen to have your whole life linked into an invisible cloud from your smartphone! Doing that silly MoBot?

Then Yplan is the essential App for you.

No more trudging though ads and outdated events pages to see what’s happening tonight, this tidy app brings you the absolute short-list of events worth spending your precious pennies on. With tickets to events happening within hours to a couple days ahead…this is not for the faint of heart or those with an addictive, obsessive-compulsive disposition.

Two taps and you’re on the guest list, your friends are notified and your tickets are tucked away in your passbook. Cheeky discounts coupled with the constant stream of freebies and friendly customer service, this Yplan lot have covered every base seamlessly.

Yplan has invigorated our evenings, filled our weekends and even inspired us to write about the shenanigans, so we can’t help but evangelise to everyone we meet while rubbing our palms in greedy anticipation of the £7 recommendation reward which will no doubt fund the next adventure! These have ranged from interpretive dance to actual comedy; ukelele hootenannys, theatre performances, pop-up restaurants and chocolate tours to even the most elusive free live gigs in living rooms…. the holy grail known as *whisper* Sofar sounds.

In short… Yplan is the bee’s knees.

Get it here and pop in this code (ADOYLE2) for your first £7!

Get out. Get RoWdy.


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