Project Maldonado Review

“The Devil does to me, what joy does to sorrow….”

I can’t seem to get this infectious tune out of my head, and to be honest I hope this song-bomb stays with me for life!

With melodic harmonies straddling face-contorting bass lines, this is what the music scene has been lacking for a while now. SBTRKT came close with his self titled album which was like foreplay and left us on the edge wanting to go deeper and darker…. and Project Maldonado is about as dark as it gets. The whole thing seems shrouded in cult-like secrecy which whets your appetite before the website confuses you further leaving you furiously curious about the motives of the music.

Who are these sound connoisseurs? These dub smugglers… if I had to fathom an educated guess I’d bet the lot on it being none other than the Bill Withers incarnate Liam Bailey on vocals; because after a hit song like Blind Faith his every pitch is etched deep into my brain synapses. But who is the master craftsman stitching it together so silky smooth… Is it Benga the magnetic man? Could it be the original nutter himself one Sir Shy Fx? Or maybe Burial is coming back to turn us all into stoners again. Your guess is as good as mine…

Whats for certain is that these 4 songs and the accompanying visuals are all masterpieces and I hope they get the reception and appreciation they deserve.

Don’t take my word for it. Listen.


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