ThermalBear – The hottest thing since regular Bears


…and eggs.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting the man behind the music and he’s an absolute lad. None of the usual artist ego or twatty acid wash jeans, all you get is a smile, a handshake and some unpretentious banter. Was even planning to get a cheeky exclusive interview but I know it would’ve been a frustrating series of grunts and sarcastic comments.

Maybe the lack of bullsh*t (and twitter updates) is why it’s taken him a while to get noticed… but now this train load of technically refined knob tweakery is gaining momentum, there will be no stopping the Bear from mauling his way up the festival font sizing.

As the saying goes ‘game recognise game’ so maybe thats why Sasha (oowie! oowie!) decided to Cinderella this lost child and feature his track as the lead single on the hotly anticipated Involv3r album. This is no small feat as with names like The XX and Little dragon on the CD sleeve it’s clear this decision was made on merit alone.

Now he’s earned the stripes on his sweaty tee, the phone has been ringing and the clever lot at Derelicht have got him on board as the respirator for their daring exploration into all that is bleepy and shiny. I for one cannot wait to see what’s on the menu when the secret location in Ipswich is revealed and the best visuals are matched with the freshest beats in an obscure location…. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

I bagged my ticket sharpish!

Some tunes you say?

Still my fav mix..


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