RoWdy London Club Guide

Bouncers aside… London has some of the best venues pulling every crowd pleaser wishing to strut their stuff for an experienced yet appreciative crowd no matter the genre.

The Big Question is WHERE?! Here are some of the Rowdiest:

Corsica Studios (Elephant & Castle)- Proper warehouse style party in a big space with two rooms. Really relaxed and gritty with the cloak room being literally some rails outside. The bathroom rattles from the bass which is always nice… and the last time I was there one room was jamaican dancehall while the other was bleepy house.. Genius! Bouncers? what bouncers? theres nothing to steal! Just make sure its open.

Bussey Buildings (Peckham) – Growing in popularity with the uber trendy ironic location hunters as this place is down an alley in sketchy Peckham. This characterful warehouse features 2 floors of sweaty concrete walls and sticky floors. Staff are super chill and although the crowd might be slightly younger its usually a good vibe. Expect dirty break beats and people tripping balls.

Fire/Light box (Vauxhall) – Grouped these together as I’ve been to them both only to realise they are separate rooms of pretty much the same club. Slowly becoming one of my favourite places to end up at the end of a blurry saturday night. The music is always banging… queues are fast, sound and lighting is superb and it never seems too packed. Only painful thing is the £4 cans of beer but I guess they need to appease the club gods some how as entrance is usually surprisingly cheap. Bouncers here don’t seem to suffer from any childhood issues and are generally good natured if  not banterous… weird right?! Oh and the party goes on till 12 noon on sunday… just saying.

Fabric (Farringdon)- It pains me to be cliche and recommend the same thing as your lonely planet, but this place is the dogs bolloks! It was clearly built as a super club. Not some arty farty reclaimed space yada yada… this bad boy has speakers in the FLOOR, a balcony to look over main stage… a lounge bed area where you can get tangled with strangers… lasers… more lasers and the bar has a constant supply of water to keep you hydrated! What more do you need?! Feeling risque? Hit up FabricLive on a friday night and get your skank on to some of the UKs Drum & Bass and grime scenes finest! Beware…Bouncers are hard as nails and drinks are £8 each so don’t offer to get a round in. Have it Large!!

Ministry of Sound (Elephant & Castle)- Such a versatile music label that the music and crowd vary  like my girlfriend’s moods. Keep your nerve through the outrageous queue, metal detectors and pat downs, and you’ll be rewarded with a mid sized space with three easily configured rooms + VIP lounge (as if). The sound quality is perfect and the bar staff are fast so settle into the pitch black main room and immerse yourself in the music. Always check the website and bring ID. These bouncers would kick a kitten… do not make eye contact.

XOYO (Old street) – Yeah Boy! I get chills thinking about descending those stairs to the main room. The lighting is unbelievable and whoever puts together the line-up on weekends needs to be bought a pint! Never had a bad night here… music sways from hip-hop to dance and cutting edge electro with live acts littering the stage throughout the week. The cult-like following is instantly apparent as you emerge from the station and notice the ruckus of a queue lining the walkway…worth the wait. Bouncers are tolerant, one even exercised discretion this one time…insane I know!

As for upmarket clubbing… I’ve pushed these memories far back and recollect in guilt and frustration at the dresscodes, minimum spends, pretentious staff, tiled floors and sterility of it all so look elsewhere…

These ones aren’t even worth nipping into for a wee.
Aquarium <>Bouncer had blood on his gloves…very welcoming indeed!
STORM <> The leicester square clubs are clearly a bad idea but this one just takes the piss…



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