Satta Skates London – No ordinary Joe…


The website states- “SATTA is about positive livity, freedom of spirit, endless and overflowing stoke, rolling for the sake of rolling, shredding the sidewalks, and an appreciation for the natural world.”

I know what you’re thinking…. WTF is overflowing stoke?! …and if you’re as cynical as me you’ll be excused for thinking… bolloks! Its just wood on wheels!…But this guy and the works of art he produces are the real deal and I’ll tell you why.

The boards are made from reclaimed pieces of wood which are painstakingly assembled, shaped and sanded before original artworks by himself or artist friends such as Malarko and Hypebeast adorn the deck. With grip an optional extra, these are not your composite material massed produced kickflip shit for kids, but rather a grown up “boutique-board” which can be hung on the wall of a bachelor pad or used for stylish cruising (preferably barefoot) past the coffee-shop audiences of east london.

The creator of these objects of desire epitomises an urban-hippie donning Vans with wild dreadlocks and tattoos tracing the scars from the trade and the wipeouts. Being quite fickle and impressionable I instantly became a voyeur of this incense burning vegan whose Instagram photos toggle between board shaping, yoga poses and the skate park. His natural aurora of calm and serenity is projected onto the boards and has an almost tangible quality to it…

Want to get your hands on one of these bad boys? Well they start at a tantalising £65 for entry boards but once you see the others I challenge you to restrain from blowing the budget on a bells and whistles collaboration piece…. I’m still negotiating with the misses for mine.

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