Derelicht D02 – Secret Location Leak!


Searching for that immersive experience where colours and sounds merge and pulsate to the rhythm of your heart leaving you forever in sync with the once minor details of your surroundings… want to feel like time has paused and you have a window into the past as you gyrate with the masses in unison?

No we’re not recommending the most magical of mushrooms but you’re close!

The Derelicht Project is running a series of Live electronic performances in amazing abandoned buildings in Ipswich which itself is establishing as an arts and culture hub. The first Project (D01) was in a big old warehouse and saw marathon sets from ThermalBear, Sian and Auntie Flo but now they’re ready to step it up a notch and we’ve found out where it will be…

Think army grade, think metal, think cold war, think American!….. I have no idea how they pulled it off but the next instalment will be in a genuine military Jet Engine Test Facility on the US Air Force site Bentwaters!!

This 1942 structure was built to support sneaky Cold War operations with previous line-ups including the mighty Spitfire Mk IX, Gloster Meteor F3 and the A-10 “Warthog” tankbuster! So no pressure for James Zabiela, Tom Demac and ThermalBear then… This Hardenend Aircraft Shelter (HAS) is affectionately known as the “Hush house” because it doesn’t leak a whisper of sound and I’m no sound expert but I’m sure that equates to some stomach rumbling bass!! (and no signal on my phone…)

To top it all off the Kinetica Museum and Balint Bolygo have arranged an art influenced light installation just to push you over the edge! Take that WHP!

P.S I’d normally promote sneaking in through Exits or jumping fences but… this is on an American Army Base so I’d get a ticket here.

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