FAUSTO DOES: Two Men. One Oven.

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Ever sat at your desk staring across the canopy of dull suits and corporate hairstyles and questioned the meaning of your very existence? Well fortunately for Jack and Eddie, this moment came in unison as their empty eyes met above the screen and they decided to do something about it. Like true lads the brainstorm session was focused and short.

What do we like? ….Pizza!
But how can we make money? …. Sell it!
Hmmm a 5-year plan? …Pizza AND Beer!

And the rest is history. Using only passion, bravery and friendship as ingredients these baking bandaleros have cooked up a tasty business and are generating a cult following of foodies wherever they pop up.

I first found them in the cosy beer garden of The Gunmakers Arms in clerkenwell. Where they had largely underestimated themselves with only enough ingredients for about 70 pizzas at this relic of a pub. They sold out in less than an hour with names allocated to empty plates while we enviously waited for each pizza to be painstakingly prepared. Clearly a labour of love as each one was cradled to the custom stone oven and timed by sight alone. Finally my turn(!) and I chose the cured meat as a companion for the aged Italian Tomato, nutty Parmesan flakes and fresh Basil from a local aquaponic urban farm….

Impressionable as ever, I made them my favourite pizza in London and became a FAUSTO DOES junkie adding them on twitter and Facebook to track them down for my next fix. Too lazy to chase the dragon down to The Gunmakers on a Friday? They even do house calls (like any good dealer) so you can book them to pop-up at your party and get all your friends hooked too!

I’m suddenly hungry.